• AI Ethics for Charities

    by Matt Haworth
    1 Lesson

    Digital technologies and artificial intelligence can offer major benefits to charities as you strive to deliver critical services to people in need. Join us to learn how to put AI Ethics into action for your charity.

  • Mobilising supporters

    by Rufus Spiller
    5 Lessons
    Group Of Protestors With Placards On Demonstration March Against Climate Change

    Through the power of storytelling, personalisation, data, and more, you can deliver a truly empowering journey for your supporters. In turn, your engaged supporters can deliver massive value to your organisation.

  • Digital strategy for charities

    by Matt Haworth
    5 Lessons

    Learn how to craft a digital strategy for your organisation, from discovery all the way through to implementation.

  • Creating engaging content

    by Matt Haworth
    9 Lessons
    blank open document on a laptop with a notebook in front of it

    Charity digital expert Matt Haworth teaches you how to create inspiring, impactful, and engaging content for your charity. Including evidence-based processes to engage your audience with every output.

  • Digital fundraising

    by Matt Haworth
    6 Lessons
    type writer with the word Donation on a piece of paper

    Tech for good expert Matt Haworth gives you a run down of how to make the most out of digital fundraising, including practical tips and strategies.