Digital strategy for charities

Learn how to craft a digital strategy for your organisation, from discovery all the way through to implementation.


Intro to digital strategy

Length: 30 minutesAuthor: Matt HaworthComplexity: Easy

Tech for good author and Reason Digital cofounder Matt talks you through the basics of a charity digital strategy. He’s joined by Julie Wilson-Dodd, a transformation consultant in the sector, who shares her top three tips for success.

The recipe for success

Length: 12 minutesAuthor: Matt HaworthComplexity: Easy

Lucy, Head of Digital Partners here at Reason Digital, gives her top tips for a successful charity digital strategy. Keep these in mind before you dive into the creation process.

The discovery process

Length: 26 minutesAuthor: Matt HaworthComplexity: Standard

Lucy explains what discovery is, and why it is a necessary first step in any charity digital strategy. User research, archetypes, and data analysis are all covered.

Prioritisation and roadmapping

Length: 17 minutesAuthor: Matt HaworthComplexity: Standard

With all the will in the world, there’s only so much your charity can do. Lucy explains how to prioritise the ideas that come out of your strategy, with actionable tips. Then it’s time to plan and roadmap the implementation.

Implementation and embedding

Length: 14 minutesAuthor: Matt HaworthComplexity: Standard

Well done! You’ve got your strategy all planned out and roadmapped, now it’s time to actually get going. We’re back with Matt for this last module, where he gives practical advice on how best to embed your strategy, communicate it, and get results.