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Is your CMS working for you?

Upcoming changes to popular CMS systems, Drupal and Umbraco warrant the question: is your current CMS working for you?

By Reason Digital · March 28, 2023

The world of digital is always changing. Whether it’s a software update for your phone, a new AI platform or a new version of your Content Management System (CMS), staying vigilant and up to date on upcoming changes can save you a headache (and potentially some money too).

Recently two of the most popular CMS systems, Drupal and Umbraco have announced that new versions of their software will be released which will also lead to the sunsetting (end of life) of some of their earlier versions.  

This blog is a guide for charities to see if the version of Drupal or Umbraco you are currently on is going to need to be updated in the next 12 months, and if yes, what are the best options moving forward. Should you update, or switch to a different CMS system? So, check your current version number of your CMS (and whether you are on Drupal or Umbraco) and let’s get started!  

Next steps for Drupal 

If your organisation is using Drupal, then you will know of its benefits as one of the leading CMS platforms. With its sleek design and sophisticated functionality, you would question why any other CMS might be better for you. This is true if you are familiar with Drupal and have become used to its offerings as a great CMS. We want to maintain the essential modernity of our CMS platforms and that is why we are here to help you with the latest updates. Unfortunately, Drupal 8 has been left behind when it reached its End-Of-life support in November 2021 and now Drupal 7 will follow tag along with Drupal 8 in November 2023. Goodbye Drupal 7! We’re not done there though, as Drupal 9 will follow suit, wishing us farewell at the same time as Drupal 7. We can’t stress this enough; your organisation needs to fully support the migration process from these older versions to the latest Drupal 10 so that existing data is safe and meets the proper standards with compliance and security. It’s time your Drupal CMS worked for you. 


We’ve talked about Drupal and its latest changes. Well, Umbraco is doing the same! As another leading CMS system, Umbraco will be making changes to its different versions, something that your charity organisation needs to keep a close eye on. Umbraco 7 entered its security-only phase back in July 2021, meaning its wounds will only be bandaged up but as we all know, the war against security flaws is indefinite. With the End-of-life cycle date fast approaching for Umbraco 7 (September 30th, 2023), you need to up the ante and prioritise migration to Umbraco 10, the safest version for Umbraco yet. 

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Your future CMS 

Both Umbraco and Drupal have delivered on being successful CMS platforms and we know that charities have reaped the rewards of their respective functionality. However, we would encourage you to delve deeper into your CMS expectations and be certain that you are using the best one for your organisation. 

In changing times, a change might just be what you need to truly elevate your CMS. There are many reliable platforms that could be the final puzzle piece and one of them is WordPress. Being less technical and easier to learn, WordPress has been one of the more dominant CMS platforms in recent years, powering more than half of large charity websites in the UK and providing these organisations with the necessary tools to help them manage their content effectively and require fewer resources in the process. Why not explore its features and see if it is a match made in heaven? Well, our website and development page are the perfect place for you to visit to see how we can help you to explore CMS options and plan that smooth integration. 

Why WordPress? 

 WordPress usually appears as the industry standard CMS that organisations tend to use and there are plenty of reasons why that is. Firstly, its reliability can be considered unmatched! A staggering 43% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, a massive chunk of the CMS pie – organisations trust it. It is also extremely easy to use, a much simpler CMS with extensive features to match functionality demands. I am sure you are familiar with the daunting feeling of learning how to use a new CMS, wondering whether it is too time-consuming and costly for your organisation. Not to worry though, the WordPress interface is intuitive and not to mention, very user-friendly. Also, what is content without a bit of traffic? We can have the best CMS optimising and managing our content on webpages and through blogs, but we also need a strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aligned with that and this is also where WordPress comes in. With built-in SEO features, your organisation can boost your SEO performance, increase your website ranking, and ensure that you have a CMS that works for you. 

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Headless or heading in the right direction? 

Another type of CMS that is very good for organisations is headless. It differs from the other CMS platforms that we have looked at as it is less traditional and more contemporary in today’s tech-savvy world. At Reason Digital, our developers have worked closely on Headless projects and have seamlessly built creative websites due to headless’ ability to work flexibly across different channels that customers will use. It also provides better scope for reusable content which makes life a lot easier for content management. Phew! With the focus on the actual end product and not just a webpage, you can be sure that your content can be used on various different digital displays, something that the more traditional CMS platforms fail to do. If you’re looking for a more flexible CMS, then Headless might just be the one for you. If you would like to read more about how we built the new website of Blind Veterans UK, click here. 

The choice is yours! 

We want your charity to be fully up to speed with your CMS and it is our recommendation, here at Reason Digital, that you ensure your CMS (whether it is Drupal, Umbraco, or any other CMS) is updated and delivering for you. We have a dedicated team to support you through this maintenance process, proven through 15 years of experience. You can visit our website support and maintenance page for more information on how we work with organisations like you and where you can easily contact us if you’re in need of exactly that.