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Introducing the Strategy and Transformation Team

Introducing the brand new Strategy and Transformation Team at Reason Digital.

By Reason Digital · November 20, 2023


We are delighted to announce that our Partnerships Team is now the Strategy and Transformation team at Reason Digital. But! This is so much more than just a re-name and re-brand. The purpose of this change was driven by an internal desire to clarify what this team stands for and to create a separate Client Success Team alongside our Digital Strategists.   

Much like the Avengers, we wanted to assemble a team that could cover the varying needs of the vast charity landscape, and the name Digital Partners or Consultants just didn’t cut it.  

Reason Digital’s Strategy and Transformation team (S&T) is a client-centric, joyful team that is hungry and fuelled by curiosity to find the best possible way to solve a problem. They don’t just think about the issues at hand but consider the bigger picture, helping your charity achieve both its short-term and long-term goals.  

A team of unbiased problem solvers 

 With Lucy Bushby at the helm, the S&T team boasts 5 excellent Digital Strategists here to guide and challenge you daily. They are here to demystify what digital is and how you can make the most of it, using data analysis and user research to help you make informed decisions and create realistic action plans. 

Without further ado, meet:

photo of lucy smiling at camera

Lucy Bushby, Head of Strategy and Transformation

Lucy heads up our Strategy and Transformation team and has been at Reason for 5 years, advising clients and supporting them to do more with digital. Her expertise includes digital transformation, digital fundraising and defining digital roadmaps Her favourite part of the role is getting to learn about every charity in depth; exploring their purpose, the experiences of their beneficiaries and identifying ways digital can unlock new opportunities for them. Before joining Reason Digital, Lucy worked at PwC as a Management Consultant, specialising in technology and healthcare.

Jasmine smiling

Jasmine Vickers: Digital Strategist

Jasmine joined RD as a Digital Partner after working in consulting for nearly 4 years supporting delivery of digital transformations in the public sector. 

She loves the positive impact she is able to make (and see!) by working at Reason Digital and is particularly passionate about the health and environmental sectors. 

Outside of work, you can find Jasmine going for an early morning walk, curled up on the sofa reading, or watching every series that exists on Netflix. 

Sam Fox Digital Strategist

Sam Fox: Digital Strategist

Sam is a Digital Strategist, his specialities include qualitative user research and data analysis. He has a magic touch when editing reports or articles and can ‘Connect the dots’ with disparate information. He is passionate about social mobility educational opportunities and has volunteered with the Sutton Trust for 8 years.  

Sam is known for his half-Scottish, half-American accent and sneaking Italian phrases into conversation.  

Mo (Maureen) Spargo digital strategist

Mo Spargo: Digital Strategist

Mo is a skilled service designer and researcher with over 13 years’ of experience gathering insights to inform the development and optimisation of services and experiences within healthcare. She has extensive experience managing and designing behaviour change interventions and champions user-centred centred  design practices. She recently joined us from the MedOptimisation Innovation Centre in Northern Ireland. She is passionate about food, our relationship with the land around us, DEI and healthcare. 

Jasmine Nehme

Jasmine Nehme: Digital Analyst

Jasmine is a highly skilled Digital Analyst. She has experience in qualitative and quantitative data analytics, technical setup and support for tracking tools, GDPR and Data privacy solutions and Search Engine Optimisation. She is a Jack of all trades, thinking holistically about tech and how things do or don’t integrate or work togetherThey are proud Neurodivergent/disabled queer ethnic minority woman passionate about mental health, equality and diversity and sustainability. 

portrait photo of Angela

Angela Avery: Digital Strategist

Angela has broad experience in digital marketing and has been working at Reason Digital for two years as a Strategist and Analyst.  

Her career has been varied and interesting – she has worked in the charity sector for organisations such as Mencap and Carers Federation and has even been a secondary school English teacher. Before joining Reason, she was the Comms officer for Blackpool Council – steering public health campaigns during the pandemic. 

Angela is currently on parental leave due to rejoin the team in the summer of “24.  

You are in safe hands. 

Our Strategy and Transformation Team are here to help with all your digital needs, whether it’s starting a new project or reviewing your fundraising strategies. They will be your impartial shepherds aiding you in finding the right path for your charity. No matter the size of your project, they will always offer a solid layer of strategic thinking to achieve your goals.  

Here are some of the ways they could support you: 


There’s always plenty to do and improve when it comes to digital, so deciding how to make digital changes and where to spend time and money can be tricky. This is where a product or digital roadmap can come in very handy. Our strategists have been helping charities prioritise and evaluate how to approach digital programmes for years. 

They’ll work with you to understand what you want to achieve with digital what your constraints are, and interpret user data to inform how to improve your product. Together, you’ll evaluate and prioritise your digital change projects and create a realistic roadmap aligned to your strategy and embedded into your ways of working.  

 From £1,000  

Delivering a holistic digital strategy 

It can be incredibly helpful to have a coordinated approach to digital for your organisation – it can help align everyone on what digital means for you and how it can move you forward as an organisation. Our S&T team are expert in digital transformation and can create bespoke strategies grounded in user research. Through working closely with you, they can help you to assess what digital change is needed, advocate for it with internal stakeholders whilst also supporting you in introducing digital change into your organisation at a comfortable pace.  

From £15,000 

Digital Fundraising 

Helping charities raise more money has been at the forefront of Reason Digital for the last 15 years. We’ve helped raise over £3.5million for Dementia Revolution (A joint campaign by Alzheimer’s Research and Alzheimer’s Society).  

Working with you, our team will review your current digital fundraising efforts and make educated recommendations on how you could leverage your online presence for more donations. We will work with you to outline your target audience, fundraising channels, and messaging and refine your online donation journeys. 

From £5,000 depending on requirements  

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and SEO 

Understanding your audience and your website visitors is crucial in a successful digital presence. As experts in digital analytics, we can work with you to outline and set up goals you’d like to track on your website, review your current performance and make sure that all the data you need, or are interested in gets captured.  

They can provide one-off or regular analytics reviews to explore what your data is showing you about user behaviours and recommend optimising your digital offering.  

From £3,000 

Product or service reviews 

The pandemic has demonstrated the power of using digital more within your service delivery offering and has changed users’ expectations of what should be available online. We can help you adapt existing products or services to better utilise digital, or review your current digital offerings to improve the user experience. We can also help to evaluate and test new ideas to make sure you’re investing in the right innovations.  

From £7,000