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A shared understanding and commitment to your digital goals, and how to achieve them

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A digital strategy is a valuable asset for moving your organisation forward with digital. So much more than a document – together we create a shared understanding and commitment to your digital goals, and a plan of how to achieve them.

The scope of the strategy can be broad; considering a wider digital transformation of your organisation and culture. Or, it can be narrow; focusing on specific services, departments and audiences.

  • A unified vision for digital within your organisation
  • Clarity on digital opportunities and a plan for how to realise them
  • The value of digital is communicated across the organisation and stakeholders


Although a digital strategy will always be bespoke to each organisation, we would normally estimate the cost to be between £15,000 and £40,000 depending on the your needs and scope.

pages of MSI UK's digital strategy fanned out

Working with MSI UK on their digital strategy

MSI Reproductive Choices UK had this strategy reviewed by Gartner who described the piece as “one of the best digital strategies they’d ever seen.”

The approach

To get the best results from a digital strategy project, we need to take the time to really get to know the organisation and users.

Our approach is centred around gathering as much relevant insight upfront. We do this through stakeholder interviews, collaborative workshops and quantitative data analysis. We then consolidate this information into key areas of opportunity.

We then work with you to explore areas of opportunity, defining the solutions and approaches which would most benefit your organisation.

It can often feel tempting to jump straight into writing the strategy document, but experience tells us that the most value is derived from the ‘Discovery’ process. When this process is executed effectively, it provides everything you need to create a clear and compelling strategy that engages with the right people.

diagram breaking down the digital strategy process. Starting with initiation to insight gathering to consolidating learning. Then entering the second phase starting with opportunity exploration and prioritisation and roadmap and then ending with document and embed.

On completing the project, you’ll have a clear roadmap and a plan for implementing your digital strategy or transformation. We would then love to move to implementation stage with you; either acting as your technology partner that delivers the tech solutions or as a strategic partner that provides ad hoc advice, consultancy and expertise.

Our experience

Our team has spent 12 years working exclusively on creating digital projects that change lives for the better.

When working with you, we draw on our unique experience of working with charities and pro-social organisations to use technology to solve human problems. A leader in building pro-social technology; we know success comes from long term partnerships and we build for longevity. Our passion for strong relationships influence everything we do, from the technology we choose to the way we collaborate with your team and service users.

Meet the team

Lucy: Head of partnerships

Lucy leads our team of Digital Partners, a passionate bunch who work closely with our charity partners to understand how to maximise their impact through digital. Lucy has led digital strategy work with MSI Choices UK and also supports Brook, Social Enterprise UK and The Scouts Association.

Jasmine: Digital Partner

Jasmine has a background in consulting, supporting the delivery of digital transformations in the public sector. Jasmine recently supported The Key in translating user research findings into a longer-term strategy, leading the insight gathering, consolidation of learnings and opportunity exploration.

Kayley: Digital Partner

Kayley has over a decade of experience in marketing and comms for non profits, from ground-level implementation up to devising strategy and building teams to deliver. Kayley is particularly knowledgeable about SEO and is fascinated by behavioural science, bringing valuable perspective to digital strategy projects.


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