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General Election 2024 and Your Charity

The upcoming General Election can affect your charity and its digital estate in multiple ways, Reason Digital is here to support you and your beneficiaries.

By Reason Digital · May 23, 2024

Your Charity and the 2024 General Election

Yesterday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the next General Election will be held on July 4th, with parliament being dissolved next Thursday, May 30th.  

A General Election is a tumultuous time for all charities. Beneficiary and other stakeholder anxieties can reach an all-time high as future political changes might impact your charity, funding, or service delivery.  

From a digital perspective, Reason Digital has been closely monitoring the announcement’s effect on our charity partners’ digital estates. We have seen a lot of traffic spikes in the last 24 hours. Some websites have even gone down due to the large influx of new traffic arriving on websites and a frantic large amount of content. We believe this directly correlates with yesterday’s announcement of a General Election.  

The call for a General Election is also a time for bad actors to target the charity/third sector and your beneficiaries. Email/phone scams, fraud, and bot attacks can affect your charity and service users. Therefore, it’s super important to stay vigilant. If you think an email doesn’t look right, report it and delete it, and encourage your service users and employees to do the same.  

We understand that this is a critical and urgent matter for many of our charity partners, so at Reason Digital, we are putting extra internal resources to use to ensure the digital safety of our charity partners. If you are worried about how your charity might be affected by the upcoming General Election, please do not hesitate to contact us.