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QnA: What is digital campaigning?

When it comes to being a charity and exploring the potential of digital, sometimes it can be the simple, straightforward questions that are hardest to get answers to. At Reason, we've decided to put an end to that. We answer the question, what is digital campaigning?

By Reason Digital · March 26, 2019

What we did

Working with charities to understand the stuff that they really want to know, we’ve created a series of videos featuring our expert team answering some of those burning questions.

How much does a website really cost? How does content migration cost? Do we need an app? What is a digital strategy? These are the types of queries we want to give you a real, transparent answer to.

Let’s get back to basics with our Questions Never Answered video series.

What is digital campaigning?


So, what does digital campaigning look like? Well, I think first of all it depends on how we define campaign. on some projects people have talked about campaigning in terms of lobbying – for a particular cause. Or sometimes we talk about campaigning in terms of time bound promotion or marketing.

In terms of the latter (time bound marketing) what makes a good digital campaign is clear objectives and a clear definition of the audience. Obviously we need to have an idea of budget and I think also a sense of definition for our own marketing channels so that we have focused activity in terms of advertising, in terms of email, in terms of the website and we know how all of our marketing channels are working together.

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