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Radical Accessibility: Report and Recommendations

Access the must-read report which takes a deep dive into brand new data. How inclusive and accessible have charity digital services been during Covid? Find out here...

By Reason Digital · July 8, 2020

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Our journey

Prior to writing this report, I wouldn’t have considered myself an expert on accessibility. Was I open to learning more? Absolutely. But I often relied on the knowledge and expertise of my team members to educate me around this topic. So, as you can imagine, the challenge of pulling together the stories of lived experience and relaying the expert insights we heard at the Radical Accessibility event felt like a big one.

The data we unearthed combined with the advice and insight we heard meant I was suddenly absorbed in all things accessibility. My awareness and understanding of the experiences we create for everyone online was and is growing. I’m still by no means an expert, but I’m learning, and my passion for creating a more inclusive digital world just became a whole lot stronger.

Over the past year we’ve been having conversations around how we approach accessibility as a brand, beyond the work we do with our charity partners. Working with charities and putting users at the centre of what we build, means that accessibility is always something we focus on when developing digital tools. It’s a no-brainer.

Despite our insistence with clients, our own house is not in order. Our website is not currently accessible; we recognise that and wanted to acknowledge this and take responsibility.

Going forward, this report and conversation has kickstarted a change within Reason.

We’re committed to a rebrand that is more accessible and more ‘Reason’. We want our communications to be more inclusive and we are committed to continue learning and holding ourselves to account when it comes to accessibility. It’s a journey that we’re very much still on, but this event and report certainly helped us turn a corner.