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QnA: How much does a charity website cost?

When it comes to being a charity and exploring the potential of digital, sometimes it can be the simple, straightforward questions that are hardest to get answers to. At Reason, we've decided to put an end to that. We answer the question, how much does a charity website cost?

By Reason Digital · August 15, 2019

What we did

Working with charities to understand the stuff that they really want to know, we’ve created a series of videos featuring our expert team answering some of those burning questions.

How much does a website really cost? How does content migration cost? Do we need an app? What is a digital strategy? These are the types of queries we want to give you a real, transparent answer to.

Let’s get back to basics with our Questions Never Answered video series.

First up…

How much does a charity website cost?


It can be really difficult to get budget sign off for your website if you have no idea how much one costs! And it’s easy to say “It depends…’” but that’s not going to cut it with your exec or trustee boards.

The basic rule if you want a website is that you can expect to pay around five figures (or six if you want something really complex). If you want a website with basic functionality, such as ‘sign up for a newsletter’ or ‘contact us’ and a great user experience you can expect to pay around £15-20k.

If you want your users to be able to donate to you, or access a login area you can be looking at anything up to £50k. Integrations with your CRM or other 3rd party software can save you a lot of time but these can really rack up the costs.

There are so many things a website can do for your charity. So, before adding on further pieces of functionality to your wish list, such as a shop, make sure these things will deliver a return on your hard earned investment. Be prepared to prioritise the things you definitely need versus the things that might be a nice to have.

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