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Great Charity Website Tips – Donations

Charities are highly dependent on donations in order to carry out their work, so donating is without a doubt a major feature of any charity website. There are a number of things a charity can do to make it more likely that their website will receive the public’s help and support!

By Reason Digital · January 9, 2013

This time around we take a look at how to increase donations on your charity website. So, here’s how to draw people in and grab their attention:

Make it obvious

Simply put, if people can’t find where to donate then they aren’t going to do so. So make it obvious how to donate. Put a donation button on a visible part of your front page to get people thinking about donating. People who have come to your site with the intention of donating will be happy, because you’ve made it easy for them, and those who just came for a look around may decide to give a few quid on a whim.

CLIC Sargent has shown how this can be done to great effect with their website. They’ve used a blue donate button which contrasts well with the background, making it stand out on the page. It’s at the top of the main webpage and shown more than once throughout the site. It’s unmissable thanks to the heart icon next to it.

Make it simple

So you’ve got someone to donate. Now you don’t want to mess things up by having a convoluted donation system. Keep things simple, with as few steps as possible. You want to make donating to your cause a smooth and enjoyable process so that people will want to donate again.

Robin Hood does a brilliant job with this, you simply click or enter the amount you would like to donate, enter your name, address and bank details and it’s done. It also allows donors to easily set up automatic giving, which ensures plenty of people donating multiple times.

Good charity websites make it easy for people to donate so it doesn’t come across as a ‘hassle’ for those contributing to your charity.

Show how donations are used

Marie Curie expresses clearly how the amount you donate can be used when you donate on their website.

Being clear with what your donations are and will be doing makes it more likely that the public will contribute to your cause as there is a better understanding of what your charity is doing. If you are transparent with how you spend people’s donations then they are going to be a lot more trusting.

Try not to make it appear like it’s a hassle for people to donate. Making it quick, simple and easy to do will benefit everyone in the long run.

marie curie's donation page