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Digital fundraising for small charities (in a hurry)

I’ve put together this handbook amidst the Coronavirus crisis to cover some of the topics of digital fundraising... in a hurry.

By Matt Haworth · April 8, 2020

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A background on this handbook

A lot of charities reading this will be impacted by the Coronavirus crisis that’s occurring across the world. Just yesterday, it was announced that Cancer Research UK would be dramatically scaling back research plans as it is set to lose a quarter of its annual donated income – around £120m – as retail shops are closed and fundraising events are cancelled. But this pandemic affects charities of all sizes. You’re probably wondering how you could boost your charity’s income by using digital channels – after all, we’re all stuck at home with our mobiles and laptops with not much to do.

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Within this handbook, I’ve shared a mix of methods, techniques and examples. I’ll be giving you things you can do to boost digital fundraising for the short- and mid-term. These are things you can do right now to try and raise some income even if you haven’t put a lot of time into the groundwork of a digital fundraising strategy in the past. Hopefully, there’ll be a little something for everybody.