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QnA: What are the benefits of segmentation?

When it comes to being a charity and exploring the potential of digital, sometimes it can be the simple, straightforward questions that are hardest to get answers to. At Reason, we've decided to put an end to that. We answer the question, what are the benefits of segmentation?

By Reason Digital · March 14, 2019

What we did

Working with charities to understand the stuff that they really want to know, we’ve created a series of videos featuring our expert team answering some of those burning questions.

How much does a website really cost? How much does content migration cost? Do we need an app? What is a digital strategy? These are the types of queries we want to give you a real, transparent answer to.

Let’s get back to basics with our Questions Never Answered video series.

What are the benefits of segmentation?


So, in terms of the benefits of segmentation, obviously with any website or innovation you can’t be everything to all people. So we have a better chance of creating a good user experience by breaking down our audiences and looking at those specific needs.

In terms of segmenting our audiences, for a typical charity, we could break an audience down into service users, supporters, and prospective employees as example segments. We could also possibly break the segment of service users down further into older people and younger people, depending on the needs of the charity and who they need to reach.

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