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Animation for charities – Add digital

Looking to convey your charity's information and services in a new way? Consider animation.

By Reason Digital · October 7, 2019

Animation for charities

Try a different technique that broadcasts your often serious message in a friendly and accessible way.

This animation highlights the importance of charities making the most of digital in 2019. Made by our very talented animator and illustrator, Alex.


Have you ever wondered how your charity could have a bigger impact? Could you be engaging more people, and growing your reach? Stop spending precious budget wasting time on the conventional methods that don’t provide the results you were looking for.

The world is changing. Why not use technology to uncover new supporters and reach more people in need? From custom donation journeys to product design and innovation sprints, its time for some more digital. Whether relaxing at home or on the move, digital technology makes our world smaller. Why not take advantage of that?

Connecting with supporters and service users more quickly and easily. Right now, only 45% of charities are taking advantage of a digital strategy. And the proof is in the pudding, as only 5% of UK adults are accessing charity services online. Something needs to change.

Digital can save your charity money and time, and give you new and simple insights into user behaviour – something key to helping improve your services. Our digital world is growing faster and becoming more intelligent every day. So why not use it for good? Say hello to digital – Reason Digital.