We believe in using technology to solve problems that actually matter. Over the last 12 years we’ve helped our clients build digital products and apps that address social and environmental needs.

Digital products help us tap into an unmatched strength that technology brings – the ability to address an issue at scale.

Right now, a glance at the most successful digital products would seem to indicate that the most important human issues are centred around shopping baskets and newsfeeds. We know that digital can do more.

Service user of charity using an app


We’re outcome driven

We can build products in a variety of ways, from lightweight web applications to full scale ‘native apps’ on Android and iOS. The key to making the decision about which technology to use starts with our team understanding your goals and advising you on the most appropriate form for your product to take. Never work with anyone who skips this step.

App costs vary tremendously depending on what’s required; we can create a working prototype within most budgets over £10k, with a launch-able app costing upwards of that, depending on scope.

A choice of processes

We work with both Agile and waterfall methodologies, and will always recommend the best route for your objectives. Waterfall involves more planning upfront and works better when you have a clearer idea of the outcome you want. Agile allows you to learn as you go, building on your foundations and testing to refine early versions of your product. In either cases we prioritise your experience over any processes we use.

Website design and build process agile and waterfall methodolo

We’re human centred

People are at the centre of everything we design and build. You may have heard this referred to as ‘human-centred design’ which is a just fancy way of saying that each digital product we build has to work for a broad range of people, on their terms. 

We’re future facing

Crucially, we understand that the product release phase is just the start of the journey. We’re not proud of what we’ve done until we see the impact it’s had on your users. A huge part of a product’s impact is determined by the support and attention it receives after the initial version.

We know that success comes from long term partnerships, so we build for longevity. Our passion for an ongoing relationship influences everything we do, from the technology we choose to the way we collaborate with your team and your service users. We’re all about seeing you succeed.


Reduction in anxiety levels

A web app we built to support those in need of support


The amount people's financials situation had improved by

A peer to peer app to support those applying for benefits


Our apps have been featured on the App store

...and raised more than a £1m in donations

Turn2us – The ‘Connect’ app

Winner of the Guardian Public Service Award for Digital Innovation, we built this app to fight poverty through empowerment. Giving people the confidence and skills to apply for benefits through a peer to peer support app

Read the full case study

Medicines for Children

Supporting parents and carers of seriously ill children with a medicine management app.

Read the full case study

“Reason were really collaborative throughout, particularly when understanding the user journey, IA and developing the detailed user stories. We had some great sketching workshops together and were able to follow an agile 'test and learn' delivery process - which is not always easy when working with digital partners. Reason took time to really get to know us and become part of the team, and together we delivered an MVP that was firmly grounded on user needs.”

Gillian Clyde-Smith - Head of Digital Services, Turn2us

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