Product design sprint transcript

Video transcript:

Do you have an idea that can make the world a better place? But maybe you’re not quite sure how to turn it into a reality.

At Reason Digital we have a history of taking small, early ideas and making them into life-saving and award winning products, like SafetyNets and Gone for Good. 

We’ve taken a process created by Google Ventures and we’ve refined it for the third sector. It’s a week long, intensive design sprint where our team of experts will come and work with you on your idea. 

On day one, we’ll try to understand the problem you’re trying to solve. 

On day two, we’ll grab pens, paper and post-its and we’ll sketch together, generating as many ideas as possible. 

On day three, we’ll decide on the right solution. 

Day four is where our designers create a very quick prototype that you get to keep. 

And day five is where we test the product on real users.

Look, we don’t want you to spend your valuable budget on designing and developing an idea that might not be quite right. A Reason Digital product design sprint will help give that early idea a chance to flourish and grow.

At the end of the week you’ll have a tested prototype and a product concept that we know works. This will give you the confidence to fully develop the product or will provide a solid foundation to apply for further funding.

Email us at to hear more about our product design sprints.