The challenge

We needed to encourage early adoption of an innovative, new platform, to an extremely time poor audience.

The result

An accessible, easy to understand, and short animation that can help secure, and excite, early adopters and be flexible enough to work as a marketing tool for the future.

The problem

We’d already designed the ClearlySo ATLAS tool, and worked alongside the client on creating their brand identity, so we were familiar with the organisational goals, and the motivations of their audience.

The challenge with this project was one of understanding how to excite early adopters, help inform and convert potential customers, and to create a valuable marketing tool for ClearlySo.

ClearlySo ATLAS animation screenshot
ClearlySo ATLAS animation screenshot
ClearlySo ATLAS animation screenshot

The solution

ClearlySo provided us with a script, which acted as a springboard for our storyboarding process. Working closely with the client to ensure that their vision matched with our own, we decided on the emotional direction and visual style of the animation. 

ClearlySo ATLAS is designed to not only assess the social and environmental impact of investor portfolios, but to also show the value of investing in companies with a positive impact. It was crucial that the creative direction of the animation, much like the purpose of ClearlySo ATLAS, should stand out in an overwhelmingly corporate environment.

The illustrative style, and script, walk a delicate line between presenting friendly, welcoming introduction to ClearlySo ATLAS and of highlighting the extraordinary responsibility that companies have upon the world.

"The investor's role is to keep looking for more information, to know as much as you can about your companies and this is a way to think about business with a fresh perspective"

Lindsay Smart, Head of Impact Services


The finished ATLAS platform is receiving great feedback, including a number of features in Forbes magazine.

Digital Agenda Impact Awards

Winner in the "investment" category 2017

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