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User research

Developing an accurate understanding of real people's digital needs, motivations and behaviours ethically

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Before spending valuable time and money on building a digital solution, it’s important that we identify, understand and prioritise user needs and experiences. Findings can be hugely influential in shaping the end product that we build together.

Through user research, we provide deep insights into your beneficiaries, commissioners and service users by using creative and accessible methods of engagement; From interacting with users in their real-world environments (e.g. hospital wards or homes) to qualitative and quantitative methods, our insights ensure your product will be a success.

User research will produce the following outcomes:

  • Detailed understanding of users experiences, needs, attitudes and digital behaviours
  • A discovery report which will feed into the later stages of the project
  • A clear understanding of the optimal approach and the required digital solution to address the challenge in question


Although user research will always be bespoke to each organisation, we would normally estimate the cost to be between £6,000 and £20,000 depending on the your needs. £6,000 would provide a week of research such as interviews, surveys or focus groups, plus a second week of analysis and write up.

The approach

User research ensures that we are arriving at evidence-led, user centred solutions based on a real human need. There are a variety of methods and processes, that when implemented produce valuable insight into your audience and users. These include:

  • Discovery workshops which include a cross-section of your team to help us better understand the needs of your charity and to get insight into the pains and gains of your beneficiaries.
  • A suite of user research methods which we apply, based on the context and need of your organisation. These include methods such as:
    • User workshops
    • User interviews
    • User surveys
    • User journey mapping
    • User observation and testing
  • We test with real users to gauge the usability of a digital product, usually still in its early stages, as a prototype. This generates deep insights into how your users will react to our proposed solution and how instinctive their operation of it will be. We can tangibly evidence what resonates with them and what doesn’t, and can then efficiently update and amend accordingly.

Our experience

Our team of socially-motivated strategists and designers have been gaining insight into the lives of charity service users for more than 12 years. We appreciate and understand the often sensitive nature of the challenges your users are facing and are dedicated to working with you to create a supportive, friendly and professional environment in which everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

Our ways of communication are born out of having often challenging conversations around stigmatised topics, with people of all ages, from all backgrounds. The insight that users bring is invaluable in creating a better world for others and we do not take these interactions for granted.

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