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Digital transformation makes your organisation efficient, effective and fit for the future

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People, processes and tech; these are the key strategic pillars of a digital transformation. If your organisation is searching to collaboratively develop strategic solutions around technical recommendations, disparate, siloed teams and services or paper-based processes then it could be time to digitally transform.

Together we will produce

  • A unified and streamlined team of people and processes with digital as the driver.
  • Our team of strategists and digital partners will develop a long term vision, and a realistic and actionable roadmap for delivery.


A digital transformation is unique to your organisation and its objectives. However, the initial strategic work can range from £15,000 – £30,000. Upon completion of the strategy stage, we will develop a roadmap for your charity that represents the level of investment your organisation wants to make.

We support you to re-orientate to a more agile organisation – one that can adapt and evolve as your beneficiary needs change. And this takes time! But we’ll develop objectives and key results for every stage, so you know you’re on track.

The approach

Digital transformation is not about reducing face to face contact or services. It’s about re-imagining brand new ways of delivering your mission. We’ll support you to take your organisation on a journey to embrace the potential and opportunities that digital brings.


We work collaboratively to define your transformation strategy, focusing on how to develop your processes, people and technology around the needs of your beneficiaries and internal teams. Our team of strategists and digital partners will align your senior team and organisation on a long term vision, and produce a realistic and actionable roadmap for delivery.

Vision & Value

Understand your ‘why’, and the problem you’re trying to solve. Set clear, ambitious targets and constraints across your senior team.

Discover & Map

Understand and map beneficiary journeys in terms of people, process and tools. Identify your strengths and areas of highest potential value. Create a formal diagnosis, strategy and roadmap


Identify and initiate a ‘lighthouse’ project that will offer the best return in terms of measurable value, staff engagement and speed of impact. Nurture a digital culture through clear communication and iteration based on feedback.


Build on initial success and learning by engaging more people in more initiatives. Increase capabilities from a position of strength through training, practice and experimentation. Move towards adoption of a new operating model and culture.

Our experience

Our team has spent 12 years working exclusively on creating digital projects that change lives for the better.

When working with you, we draw on our unique experience of working with charities and pro-social organisations to use technology to solve human problems.

A leader in building pro-social technology; we know success comes from long term partnerships and we build for longevity. Our passion for strong relationships influence everything we do, from the technology we choose to the way we collaborate with your team and service users.

Charities we've supported to transform

The Together Trust breaking down silos

The Scouts adding value with a retained team

Marie Stopes UK driving efficiencies

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