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Service design

Designing an end to end service that delivers value to your users


Talking about service design can produce a lot of jargon. Put simply, it’s about making services better meet the needs of the people you support, and other beneficiaries. Successful service design is about delivering the best user experience, and aligning your internal operations (people, process and technology) to deliver that experience consistently.  

Our experience of service design spans from creating brand new, digitally enabled services, through to improving existing services by taking a user centred approach. 

We deliver excellent service design that results in:

  • Improved alignment of your organisational strategy and operations to deliver better value to the end users of a service
  • Any increasingly sophisticated service requirements are established and met, delivering a positive user experience 
  • A service designed specifically around the needs of those using it


The cost of service design is dependent on whether we’re designing a brand new service from scratch, or whether we’re taking a service design approach and applying it to a service that already exists. From one end of the scale to the other, we’d recommend budgeting anything from £5k to £15k.

The approach

Service Design is not solely about building a great product. There are many other aspects to delivering success that can disrupt even the best ideas. A holistic view is required to understand how that service will fit within your organisation and current services.

  • Understanding user needs: We’ll work directly with users to build empathy, and understand their behaviours and context of needing your service. Through one on one interviews, focus groups and ethnographic research, we’ll build a clear picture of their wants and needs. 
  • Map out current service/experience: We start with mapping out the current journey a user takes whilst engaging with your service. Seeing the service through their eyes highlights areas of improvement. We’ll look at your internal capabilities that deliver each step of the journey. 
  • Identify pain points and opportunities: Collaboratively, we’ll identify steps on the user journey that could be improved, to better meet user needs. 
  • Define future service: We’ll map out the future state journey from the perspective of the user, and identify what channels, processes, people capabilities and technology you need to deliver these.
  • Roadmap: Your roadmap will provide a plan for the future, to make changes to your service.

Our experience

Our team has spent 12 years working exclusively on creating digital projects that change lives for the better.

Throughout this time we’ve learned many lessons which are unique to the charity sector. We created a sister organisation called Gone for Good, which aimed to make donating to charity shops as easy as calling a taxi or Uber. The app was simple and easy to use and the potential impact was huge even at conservative estimates. 

Whilst the technology was seamless and slick, users encountered problems when charities didn’t turn up to pick up the goods. And why? The teams at the charity shops were predominantly volunteers. They lacked the internal capacity to get the best results from the app and the scale of the service meant increased support wasn’t possible. As a result, we had to design a fulfilment service that worked with the app. This was a huge learning we took from that experience — your technology is only as good as the service that underpins it. 

When working with you, we draw on our unique experience of working with charities and pro-social organisations to use technology to solve human problems.

The numbers

Service Design is challenging, we know this from experience. But when done right it can have a huge impact. Working with national anti-poverty charity, Turn2us, to design and build a new service from scratch showed just how impactful a service can be on people's lives.

126% improvement in financial situation

56% decrease in anxiety

photo of lucy smiling at camera

Meet Lucy

Digital partner

Lucy is on our team of awesome digital partners. Working with charities like Turn2us and WellChild on service design gives Lucy the expertise and experience to guide our partners through this process.

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