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Digital fundraising sprint

In just one week, you’ll have a list of inexpensive or free tailored improvements to take your digital fundraising to the next level.

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Your digital channels now need to work harder than they ever have before, attracting and engaging your audiences, and ensuring you can move them to meaningful action.

We’ll help you rise to this digital fundraising challenge. We’ll review your current approach, agree a target based on the time and resources you have available and work out how it can be done.

By the end of the week, you’ll have;

  • Greater expertise in how to optimise your activity, and a list of quick, low cost wins that you’ll start seeing results from immediately.
  • Exposure to the best practice in the sector, a long term strategy and targets, and more insight into your audiences.
  • A clear set of mid-term recommendations you may choose to invest in, and steps to consider beyond the COVID crisis, to continue to improve your digital fundraising.

The approach

Stage 1 – Diagnostic

Understand your ambition, team, capabilities and areas to explore further within the sprint.

Stage 2 – Assess

Review of your existing digital fundraising channels and techniques, gap analysis and benchmarks.

Stage 3 – Test

Conduct user testing of your donation journey to understand user pain points and opportunities.

Stage 4 – Compare/Covid

Perform competitor analysis and benchmarking with other charities in your space. Or we can support you to define a Covid Appeal.

Stage 5 – Report

Develop short and medium term recommendations, including quick wins and inexpensive /free solutions.

Our experience

We’ve supported our charity partners to raise more funds by taking advantage of emerging digital trends. From mobile optimised donations in the early days, to putting our partners on the newest platforms like Twitch and TikTok – our vast knowledge of digital fundraising means we’re here to optimise what you have and highlight where you’re missing out.

We work with some of the largest charities in the UK, which helps us see the bigger picture, and understand what makes the biggest impact.

The numbers

We’re the partner of choice for the London Marathon official charity partner. In 2018, our fundraising platform took £1.8m for Teenage Cancer Trust. In 2019, our fundraising platform took a record-breaking £4m for Dementia Revolution. We’re currently building the platform for the 2021 official charity partner, due to be announced imminently.

77% increase in one-off donations for CLIC Sargent

£4m raised in a record-breaking London Marathon charity partnership for Dementia Revolution

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Meet Lucy

Digital partner

As a Digital Partner, Lucy looks at how we can add more value to our clients. This includes supporting charities with their digital strategy and sustainability planning. Lucy is one of the key team members to guide you in getting the most out of your digital fundraising channels.

Maximise online donations

We’d love to partner with you to get more out of your digital channels.

We can mobilise our team quickly. We know you may be dealing with capacity gaps – that’s why we’ll only ask you to attend a short workshop during phase one. After that, you can rely on our daily check ins and leave the rest to us.

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