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Technical architecture and solution design

Designing tools and processes with the features and scalability to meet your needs

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Technical architecture and solution design is all about identifying and creating the tools and processes that will give you the features your teams and service users need, as well as the potential for scalability going forward.

This way we ensure that your charity is fit for the future. When partnering with us, we will provide:

  • A detailed plan for all the technologies that are needed to make your digital solution scalable and affordable
  • All the technical documentation on how the moving parts work together to create a successful solution


Technical architecture and solution design are bespoke services which deliver a unique result for your organisation’s needs and objectives. The initial audit usually takes approximately two days of time, billed at £95 per hour. The full architecture depends on the size of the project identified during the audit.

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The Scouts

In partnership with The Scouts Association we performed a full technical audit to understand what their current technologies are and produced a new technical architecture that was simpler to maintain and cheaper to run. This allows them to deploy new features quicker and with more confidence.

The approach

  • We first start by doing a deep dive into your current technical setup. When we talk about setup, we’re essentially referring to each product that constitutes your current website; including current hosting, the technologies used on your website, any third parties that are being used, which databases are used and where they are stored. We do this better to understand what your current architecture is and why it is built this way.
  • We then discuss your requirements now and any future plans you have that the technology will need to deliver in the near future.
  • Once we have all the knowledge from the stakeholders we create a plan of tools, technologies and processes that will allow you to meet your near term strategy and beyond.

Our experience

At Reason Digital we have a broad range of technology skills which include many tools and languages such as NodeJS, .net and PHP, and substantial knowledge of platforms such as AWS and Azure.

This expertise plus more than 12 years working with large and complex charities, across the third sector supports us to select the right tools and architecture to solve your challenges and achieve your objectives.

As a team we have no preferences for technologies which gives us the freedom and objectivity to always choose the right tool for your needs.

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Meet Mark

Technical director

Mark is, quite simply, a technical genius. After completing a Masters in Computer Science at Cambridge University, Mark has contributed his expertise to established companies such as Moonpig to tech startups that have hustled to gain funding during a recession. Not only that, he empowers a team of back-end developers to develop themselves and build the best tech for good around.

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