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Trusted expertise

At Reason, we don’t make apps for apps’ sake. We build award-winning apps that are the right tool for your users and the problem you’re trying to solve. Our expert team are on hand to help you make use of the latest technology and up-to-date research that shapes your digital solution.

Lived experience

A rigorous discovery period, in which we investigate the challenge we’re looking to solve with those who experience it, ensures our digital solution is useful in a real world context. If it is the way to go, we can promise you that when we do design and build apps, they’re intuitive, user-friendly and more importantly, they change lives.

More than one type of app

We can build apps in a variety of ways, from lightweight web applications to full scale ‘native apps’ on Android and iOS. The key to making the decision about which technology to use starts with our team understanding your goals and advising you on the most appropriate form for your product to take. Never work with anyone who skips this step.


App costs vary tremendously depending on what’s required; we can create a simple, working prototype within most budgets over £10k, with a launch-able app costing upwards of that (anywhere between £40k and £100k+), depending on scope.

The approach

We work with both Agile and waterfall methodologies, and will always recommend the best route for your objectives. Waterfall involves more planning upfront and works better when you have a clearer idea of the outcome you want. Agile allows you to learn as you go, building on your foundations and testing to refine early versions of your product. In either cases we prioritise your experience over any processes we use.

People are at the centre of everything we design and build. You may have heard this referred to as ‘human-centred design’ which is a just fancy way of saying that each digital product we build has to work for a broad range of people, on their terms.

Crucially, we understand that the product release phase is just the start of the journey. We’re not proud of what we’ve done until we see the impact it’s had on your users. A huge part of a product’s impact is determined by the support and attention it receives after the initial version.

Our experience

Our team has spent 12 years working exclusively on creating digital projects that change lives for the better.

When working with you, we draw on our unique experience of working with charities and pro-social organisations to use technology to solve human problems. A leader in building pro-social technology; we know success comes from long term partnerships and we build for longevity. Our passion for strong relationships influence everything we do, from the technology we choose to the way we collaborate with your team and service users.

"Before doing the Keep on Keep up exercises, I would only have the energy to vacuum one area of my home and then have to rest for up to an hour. Now I vacuum ALL rooms and am even able to shake out all the rugs without feeling like I need a break. I've not felt this good in such a long time and I finally feel like the old Clare is back."

Clare, a user of Keep on Keep up

Keep on Keep up is an NHS-approved app that helps older adults improve strength and optimise healthy ageing.

Someone using the Keep on Keep up app on a tablet

The numbers

From an app designed to relieve the pressure of parents caring for children with complex medical conditions, to a peer to peer app for those in need of financial support, our apps improve the lives of people in need.

56% decrease in levels of anxiety

126% improvement in personal finances

£1 million+ raised in donations

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Meet Dave


Dave is Reason Digital’s senior mobile developer for Android and iOS. Having been a developer for over 12 years, 6 of which in mobile development, he has worked on many native apps during his career, from puzzle games, audio recording & streaming to charity donation and health. In his spare time, David loves cooking and mixing cocktails.

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