Charity webinar: Ethical use of AI For Charities

Digital technologies and artificial intelligence can offer major benefits to charities as you strive to deliver critical services to people in need. Join us in our webinar to learn how to put AI into action for your charity.

We are all ethically compromised by our use of technology as it is; our laptops have lithium, and we use social media platforms which also host hate speech. We’re in a tricky bind here.

If someone discovers magic, the good guys leaving it for the bad guys doesn’t seem the best move. Retreating and putting heads in the sand is not the best position either. But what is the next best step to take?

Charity webinar – Ethical use of AI for charities

Matt Haworth, co-founder of Reason Digital and expert in all things charity digital, will host a free, tailored charity webinar.  The webinar will focus on how charities can use AI solutions ethically.

Webinar Details

Date and time:

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024 10-11am (GMT)


The webinar will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. Both webinars are free to attend but we have limited spaces. If you register and are then unable to attend the live webinar, please email us and we will give your space to another charity.


Headshot of Matt Haworth

Matt believes in the power of the web to change the world for the better. He has spent his career in the public and third sector working towards that end in a variety of creative, technical and communication roles. In 2007 he co-founded Reason Digital, a social enterprise that partners with corporate social responsibility, charity, university and other social enterprise in order to do social good with web, mobile and social media. In 2014 he co-founded Impact reporting, an intuitive cloud-based solution designed to help organisations measure, report and evaluate their social impact.

What we’ll cover 

  • Challenges charities face in introducing AI.
  • Using AI to help create an expert in a cause area that’s available to consult 24/7 by as many people as needed.
  • Using AI to deliver a service in a way that can scale to help as many people as are in need of it.
  • How to use AI ethically spot patterns in data that improve a charity’s efficiency.

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