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How we volunteer at Reason Digital – Volunteers’ Week 2024

Celebrating volunteers across the UK! #VolunteersWeek 2024

By Reason Digital · June 6, 2024

Volunteers’ Week 2024 – This is how we volunteer at Reason Digital  


It’s Volunteers’ Week, and we’re all about celebrating the amazing folks who give their time to support charities and make a real difference. This week marks 40 years of shining a spotlight on the incredible work volunteers do, and we’re here to spread the word and get more people involved. 

Volunteers are the backbone of charities, making a huge impact every single day. Whether they’re helping with daily tasks, delivering services, serving as trustees, fundraising, or more, their contributions are essential. Through their efforts, charities can empower communities and give people a sense of purpose. 

Here at Reason Digital, we get it—volunteering is a big deal. We’re proud supporters of our employees who volunteer for causes close to their hearts. That’s why we offer volunteering days that don’t count against holiday time. This week, we’re celebrating all volunteers and sharing the awesome places and reasons our team members choose to give back. 

Leighanne: Head of Commercial

Leighanne: Head of Commercial

“I recently joined the volunteering team at the Spaniel Rescue Foundation, as there are so many dogs and owners who need support and as an owner of a working line spaniel, I’m aware of how much training and patience is required when you have one as a pet.   

Owning a high-energy/drive breed can be extremely overwhelming, especially when there is so much mixed and misinformation out there.  

I’m excited to be a part of an organisation helping owners and dogs thrive.” 

Kevin: Project Manager

Kevin: Project Manager

“I volunteer for the Captain Paul Watson Foundation (formerly Sea Shepherds) who look after the creatures in our oceans and rivers, and halt unlawful activities that threaten marine life. They are a direct-action charity, which is great because they don’t get bogged down in bureaucracy so that they can make changes quickly. I’ve done many beach cleans along the south coast locally and have also been involved in their ghost net campaign, which involves retrieving any discarded fishing nets and rope, etc, from beaches that get thrown overboard by fishing vessels. Over 50% of plastic in the oceans is from the fishing industry. 

I also volunteer for the local Green Party and support them with digital skills, recently building a new website. 

Volunteering gives me a sense of giving back and is very rewarding. I feel like I’m helping good causes that rely on the generosity of like-minded people. There is also the social aspect, which helps me as I work from home, which can become a bit isolating sometimes. “ 

woman with a gun-dog
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Jane: UX and Design Director

Jane: UX and Design Director

“I volunteer for quite a few things, some more formally than others. I am a trustee at a small charity called Contact Hostel, which houses young women who are homeless to keep them in education or employment. I do that because the hostel is in my community, and I want those young women who have had adverse experiences to have the same chances as the young women who live in my house. 

I am a volunteer karate Sensei, and this is really because it’s so personally rewarding. Watching them fall in love with the sport and improve and build confidence week after week is brilliant. It’s a creative challenge to think about creating good lessons and keeping them engaged. They’re also just hilarious to be around!  

I also cook for a monthly community breakfast, which raises money for asylum seekers in our area who have had their applications rejected and, therefore, have no way of supporting themselves. It’s a form of political action in opposition to a hostile policy, but it’s also a way to connect with my community. “ 

Headshot of Matt Haworth

Matt: Co-Founder and Director

“I volunteer because I want to join in with people working to make life better for people. In my role as a Trustee at Akt, I can use my skills in leading organisations and in charity digital to help address the fact that LGBTQ+ children and young people are being kicked out of their homes – or kept captive in unsafe homes. 

I also undertake professional development purely as a volunteer. During the pandemic, I trained as a vaccinator. I delivered COVID vaccinations to over 1,200 people alongside tens of thousands of volunteer colleagues in St John, the NHS, and the Royal Voluntary Service. More recently, I’ve been delivering free and low-cost counselling as a volunteer at Respect for All and the UK Counselling Network.” 

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Are you ready to volunteer? 

Whether you have a cause you strongly care about or just want to give back to your community; volunteering is a rewarding experience. We’ve collected a few places you can look for volunteering opportunities to start your journey.  

Keep being awesome, and keep volunteering! Cheers to you volunteers, and happy Volunteers’ Week.