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How Covid-19 changed the way we give to charities

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, we surveyed 2000 people representative of the UK population about the way they were engaging with charities and the way they were using digital. Here's what we learnt...

By Reason Digital · August 21, 2020

Charities and Covid: The stats

A global pandemic, a national recession and a country-wide lockdown is, unsurprisingly, a recipe for change. A change in behaviour, a change in outlook and a change in priorities.

We were curious to learn how Covid-19 and our new way of life has changed the way people give to charities. And how has staying at home 24/7 impacted our relationship with digital? The answers to both are going to influence the way charities need to deliver their services, communicate with supporters and craft their ask for donations. So let’s understand how Covid-19 changed the way we give…

If the below infographic is not your preferred way to view this data, we have a text-only version here.

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