Digital innovation may seem overwhelming. It’s disruptive, risky and impacts people differently across your organisation. While some organisations are content with ‘moving fast and breaking things’, we know that prosocial innovation has more at stake.

But, it’s also crucial to the future.

Design Sprints allow you to quickly shape new products, services and solutions without the baggage of working through existing approaches. Better yet we’ve also found that they build consensus, reduce risk and give you evidence of how likely your innovation is to succeed.

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Our process is based around Google’s ventures original ‘Design Sprint’ – an intense and time-limited period of discovering and testing a potential solution to a real life problem. The first half of the sprint is devoted to understanding the problem and developing ideas in fun and interactive ways, the second half, to prototyping and testing these ideas. You can find out more in the video below.

While some people have taken Google’s original approach as ‘one size fits all’, we choose to adapt each sprint to the client’s particular needs and purpose. We’ve incorporated exercises that explore the difference between supporter and beneficiary, highlight issues of safeguarding and unintended consequences or direct the prototyping to produce evidence to  leverage further funding.

Supporting parents and carers of seriously ill children

Turning a life-changing idea into reality through a user-centred digital product design sprint

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I just wanted to say a huge thanks again for this week. It has exceeded my expectations and I feel we have made massive progress - not only in terms of the concept but in terms of mindsets being challenged. Thank you all so much

Laura from Brook