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What We Do | Reason Digital

Reason Digital

Make the web change the world.

What we do

The web is changing society beyond all recognition, yet it sometimes feels that all you hear about it is the latest online shops, bingo and betting sites, and payday loan companies.

We’re Reason Digital—a social enterprise that makes the web make a difference. We only work on projects that do social good.

From smartphone apps that save lives to websites that raise funds, from social media campaigns to content, we know how to do a little good with the web.

Why we do it

Making rich people a bit richer is no fun.

Just like you – our team all had a niggling feeling that they could be doing something to help make the world a better place with their skills. As volunteers, trustees and all-round good eggs, we commit ourselves to digital projects.

We don’t just see our clients as lines on a spreadsheet – we do whatever it takes to make sure they get results.

A design process devoted to social good

Objective focused

All we need to know is what you want to achieve—that’s because we prioritise social outcomes, not a tick-list of technologies.

We’ll research the background to the social issue or objective you’re tackling, deliver hands-on workshops to your team, build a strategy based on their capacity, and run discovery activities with the target users.

When you focus on what you want to achieve and what your users want, you’ll be surprised how focused and simple the end result can be.

Jargon free

We get excited by achieving change—not the latest technology (okay, we get a bit excited about that as well). With 7 years working on not-for-profit and CSR projects you can trust we speak your language.

That’s one of the reasons why the Media Trust, The Directory of Social Change, The Institute of Fundraising and The Guardian ask us to communicate our expertise at conferences and Q&As so much.

Plus, because we’re not profit focused, we’ll be open and honest with you if we don’t think something’s the best fit for your project. Even if it has a big budget attached.

If it’s on a screen, we’ll build it

From websites to infographics, campaigns to apps, content to design, we make things happen.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you need – if you have an inkling that something on a screen might help you magnify your impact, raise more funds, or reach new people then talk to us.

We don’t just do, we teach

We don’t just make things happen, we help you to make things happen for yourselves. We provide training across a wide range of topics—if you just need some tips or guidance—and we also share our knowledge via our blog, which is updated with the latest that digital has to offer.

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What’s the reason behind digital?

The web is changing the world and you need to be a part of it. A teenager on YouTube can now rival a multi-million pound campaign of a global brand.

Digital doesn’t just offer a cost-effective platform for you to get your message out there—it provides support, it manages volunteers, it takes your transactions and it expands your reach. It makes a difference.

There are 3,079,339,857 people using the internet in the world. Let us help you to change that world with digital.

Challenge Us

Got something you want to achieve with digital? Not sure where to start? Let us do the hard work…