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At our core

For more than a decade, we’re an agency that has partnered with charities, individuals and CSR leaders to combat society’s biggest issues with award-winning digital innovation.

Harnessing technology to impact people’s lives for the better is something we’re happy to get out of bed for each day. A 6am start to sell more stuff – not so much.

Our partnerships

We’re fortunate enough to do this work as a result of transparent partnerships built with pro-social organisations. We like to work collaboratively, bringing technical expertise and a passion for innovation to the table whilst giving you the space to share knowledge of the often complex challenges faced by the people you help.

This is the most important part of our partnerships – the people that our innovations serve. Without people sharing the unique challenges that affect their lives we would not be able to design and build the solutions that help so many. As a team working hard to change lives for the better we love to see technology used as a force for good.

The tech stuff

Here are some of the ways we create solutions with digital:

Website Redesign

Every pro-social organisation needs a high quality, impactful website. Find out more about how we design and build beautiful pro-social websites here.


With the average UK adult spending over 3 days a month on their smartphone, apps can be a great way to get your message literally into the hands of your audience. Whether it’s native IOS and Android, hybrid or a progressive web app (or you need some help telling the difference) we’ve got deep expertise across the full suite. Learn more about how we build apps and digital products here.


A Chatbot is software that mimics conversation through written text or spoken word, and can be a simple and straightforward way to boost engagement with your beneficiaries. We can design the conversation flow, and build the underlying technology or adapt 3rd party software. With the potential for abuse or misuse, we subject all our chatbot technology to strict ethical tests. We’ve already developed written text chatbots, as well as creating our own Alexa skills.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provides a brand new way to really scale social impact. Whether you want to deliver more personalised services to your audiences or predict future user trends based on past behaviour, AI can unlock deep insights to your existing data. We work with our partners to surface and address any ethical concerns around the use of AI.

Website support

Why so much focus on what happens before the launch, when the most important part comes after? Learn more about how our support service can help your website to remain safe, secure and impactful.

The other stuff

And here are some of the things we do to take digital to the next level:

Digital Strategy and Transformation

Digital transformation can make your organisation efficient, effective and fit for the future. Learn more about digital strategy and transformation here.

Product Design and Innovation Sprints

A product design and innovation sprint is a quick and risk free way to find the answers for your users most pressing issues. In five days we explore problems, create solutions and test with real world people. Learn more here.

User Experience Research

To create products and experiences that are used by real people with unique challenges in their lives, you need to understand their needs, motivations and behaviours. We provide deep insights into your beneficiaries, commissioners and service users by using creative and accessible methods of engagement. From interacting with users in their real-world environments (e.g. hospital wards or homes) to qualitative and quantitative methods, our insights ensure your product will be a success.

Illustrations and Animations

Illustrations are a fun and effective way to bring the identity of your product to life. Animations are great at conveying complex information in a simple to digest format. Our talented illustrator has over 5 years experience creating emotive and engaging illustrations and animations for our partners, and Reason Digital.

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What can we achieve?

  • Parents and guardians of very sick children are supported when managing complex medicine routines
  • Sex workers are protected from abuse and attack on the street
  • The stigma of HIV is reduced and people feel empowered when communicating about their condition
  • Management of food banks across the UK becomes more efficient as demand grows faster than ever before
  • Loneliness is reduced amongst older people as new connections are made

These are just a few examples of what can be done when we work with in collaboration with organisations and end users to understand their needs and innovate with tech to build a solution.

Digital sprint workshop between the charity, Wellchild and the team at Reason Digital
George from Parkinsons UK speaking at a Reason Digital event
Reason Digital and Wellchild design sprint lead by our designer