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Delivering Services

There is so much that the technology can do when it comes to delivering services, and results. Just think of it as your digital postman.

Cody O'Connor

CSR, reputation and consumers – Part 1

Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly prevalent: more consumers are taking notice, and more governments are legislating its importance. In response…

Reason Digital

Why you should be fundraising online

Fundraising is one of the most important, and time-consuming, tasks for most charities. Traditional methods of bake sales, cold calling, and sending out flyers…

Jordan Harling

The charity guide to Periscope

Periscope and Meerkat are currently the new digital darlings. The live-streaming apps that are taking social media by storm. Meerkat, which saw its…

Matt Haworth

The Annual Report of the Future

Want to do something different with your annual report? Here are 10 things that will shape the way the next generation of reports as they move from paper…