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Halton Housing Lifekit

An online self-help guide for residents, providing advice, support and helpful tips in a number of aspects of life, with a focus on money matters to help with many concerns around welfare reforms.

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Halton Housing Lifekit

Having already worked on the main Halton Housing website, Halton came back to us with a brand new concept, centred around helping their residents understand the welfare reform. They wanted something that was interactive, responsive and accessible. So that users could access information easily and act upon it.

The end goal was for residents to be able to search for news relevant to their needs; and create tasks and actions whereby each person could make steps to improve their lives in some way.

Much of these actions evolved from the Welfare Reform changes, which came into effect last year. The aim was to try and keep residents informed of changes affecting them, whilst also empowering them to make a positive change.

The Result

The LifeKit launched very recently and has already had a lot of support on Twitter, as well as some brilliant feedback from residents too.

There may also be an award win in the pipeline too. Fingers crossed…

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