The Challenge

Turning all of our acquired information into one comprehensive guide, helping readers to develop their online fundraising strategy.

The Result

The Digital Fundraising Book has a 5-star rating on Amazon, successfully keeping readers up to speed with the latest digital fundraising trends.

The problem

More and more services are becoming digital – take Facebook, Uber and Netflix for example. Charities should be no different. Causes can be discovered through Facebook posts, YouTube videos, they can convince people to give, and donations can be made through seamless online transactions.

Though all of this is possible, charities have been slow to adapt to the digital climate and adopt emerging technologies. The opportunities for charities to engage with their audience through digital, such as with social media fundraising, are huge. However, the reality is it takes time and effort. With all the options out there, where do you start?

The digital fundraising book
Sketch of the digital fundraising book cover
digital fundraising book

The Solution

We’ve been working with charities and nonprofits since 2008 on everything from websites, apps, campaigns and training workshops, and have built up an extensive wealth of tried and tested knowledge. Through our training sessions and guest speaking at conferences we train tens of thousands of charity sector employees and volunteers each year, but our reach is limited.

That’s what has prompted us to create The Digital Fundraising Book.

You might think it strange that a digital agency would choose to create a physical, paper book, but we have our own library of resources and we understand the value of mixing both physical and digital mediums. The book even comes with a link to download a free campaign planning template. We know that digital technologies will change but the essence of this book will always be relevant because regardless of the medium, it’s the audience that is important.

What we did:

In the book you’ll find out how to:

  • Understand the basics of digital fundraising
  • Know what you’ll need
  • Create a journey
  • Grow a digital audience
  • Persuade your audience to give
  • Get more people giving

The Result

The Digital Fundraising Book teaches readers everything from the very basics of taking donations online right up to the tricky stuff, like maximising conversion rates.

The guide is designed for global charities, small charities or individuals looking to do a little fundraising.

“Essential reading for anyone involved in digital fundraising.
One of those rare books that when you start making notes with colleagues you end up copying everything. Every page was interesting. I recommend buying as many as you can so everyone in your team can read it as quickly as possible. It really is all essential knowledge, and I don’t think you’ll find a better book. Read read read!”

Amazon review, (5*)

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