We talk to Localgiving.com CEO Marcelle Speller OBE and Emmerdale actor and charity ambassador Chris Bisson about how small charities can grow their support and raise their profile online.

This month we were lucky enough to catch up with the Localgiving.com team when they came to Manchester to launch their Charity Begins at Home campaign.

They have put community volunteers firmly at the heart of this new campaign, which aims to help everyday people and potential donors make the connection between their local heroes and giving to a charity or community group close to home.

They were also on hand to talk about the £500,000 they have received from the Office for Civil Society to match donations up to £10 to every donation made through the Localgiving.com website. So, £10 becomes £20 and, if you’re a UK tax payer and claim Gift Aid, £20 becomes £22.50.

All in all, great news for smaller charities and community groups registered on their site.

Their website is at the heart of their work, and here we speak to Chief Executive, Marcelle Speller OBE, Marketing Assistant Jill Carty and ambassador, Manchester lad and Emmerdale actor Chris Bisson about why small charities should get online and how they can help!

Visit Localgiving.com to find out more about how your charity or community group can register and get involved in Grow Your Tenner. And for more information on getting your charity online email us at hello@reasondigital.com or call 0161 660 7949.

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