The one where we did a Draw My Life video, sharing how we began, and what we're about.

We don’t normally do posts like this. But we think we might have a good excuse, just this once.

Reason Digital has almost been going for eight years now. Which is quite a long time when you think about it. We’ve been around as long as Obama’s been president. And we’re as old as the Apple iPhone 3G, but unlike the iPhone 3G, we’re thankfully still around and haven’t been replaced by another model.

In fact, Matt and Ed only went and won the UK Digital Entrepreneur Awards’ Digital Entrepreneur of the Year award last night, which is another reason for a post that’s a bit more soppy than normal.

Our team has grown from two blokes with an idea, to a team of over 40 people doing a little good with digital.

So we wanted to celebrate that, with a video of our journey up until now.

We wrote the script, illustrated it, animated it, and even did the voiceovers ourselves. In fact, if your hearing is sharp enough, you’ll be able to detect 21 voices.

So, if you’re new to us, or you wondered why we decided to use our skills for good, then have a watch.


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