It’s a busy summer for 2012 - we’ve had the Queen’s Jubilee and the UEFA Euro football tournament and now the Olympics are currently putting the UK in the spotlight. The summer and these events have had a direct effect on non profit social media campaigning.

So with London 2012 already being dubbed as the first “social Olympics” this summer is a great time to kickstart a social media campaign. Here are a few examples of this year’s summer campaigns to inspire your thinking…

Note: Unfortunately, due to the Olympics’ draconian rules coming up with a name for your campaign this summer might be a bit difficult. Make sure to read up on the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act to make sure you’re not infringing.

I Put My Shirt on It

There are few things that bring people together like a sporting event. The shared adulation of a mutual fandom combined with the friendly competition against another can bring the best out in people. For some people the only thing that can make it sweeter is a casual bet among friends. It was a situation like this that I Put My Shirt On It, a website that sells football related t-shirts and donates all profits to charity, was created.

This summer the website has created new shirts for Euro 2012, claiming that either Ireland or England will win the tournament. With the help of a few celebrities, like ex-Liverpool and Republic of Ireland player Ronnie Whelan, I Put My Shirt On It is using the popularity of the Euro 2012 tournament to create a timely and effective campaign.

Made in the Shade

Summer in Britain is a fickle season, with the expected sunshine often being blocked out by layers of thick butt, only breaking through for a few days a year. When it is sunny, people head out in drives to soak up the rays and relax in the great outdoors. We tend to neglect sun-cream and skin protection because of the misplaced assumption that any sunshine in Britain isn’t strong enough to hurt us.

Cancer Research UK are aiming to change this perception with their new campaign Made in the Shade, a competition where people submit a video, photo or even MP3 where the only constraint is that it has to be made in the shade. It’s an accessible little campaign that relies on user interaction and input, and has potential, due to its multimedia format, to grow into a great summer campaign.

Ice Cream Calculator

Following the success of their Mince Pie calculator last winter, Living Streets are back with a summery twist on the recipe. This summer Living Streets have unveiled the Ice Cream Calculator, a web app designed to get people walking.

All you have to do is go for a walk, enter how long it took and how fast you walked into the calculator and it tells you how many calories you have burned off in terms of ice creams – ranging from the humble freeze pop to the decadent luxury choc lolly. It’s a wonderfully simple app that manages to make the mundane task of walking feel like an achievement. Add in the summer facelight and what you get is a great summer campaign.

(RED) Race to Zero

Most of us can’t make it through the day without our morning coffee. It’s become a familiar routine for a lot of people to drop into their favourite coffee shop for a quick jolt of caffeine to kick off the day. (RED), a charity fighting to eliminate aids, saw this and teamed up with Starbucks this summer to make people’s daily routine a fundraising opportunity.

Every time someone in the US and Canada uses Foursquare to check into the trendy coffee shop Starbucks will donate $1 to (RED). It’s a wonderfully simple campaign which raises funds and awareness without breaking people’s daily habits.

These few examples show the diversity of ways that social media can be used in an effective way. Want more help? Then get in touch with us or sign up to our newsletter.

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