It’s almost the Easter weekend, which means a lot of things, including Easter eggs. But did you know that the web has a few Easter eggs of its own?

Before you start wondering why a digital agency is talking to you about shopping online for chocolate, bear with us. Easter eggs are hidden gems, features, or moments of surprise buried within software and throughout the internet.

Easter eggs don’t add much functionally to the software or site, so you may be wondering why people take the time to code them in? You’ll get a different answer from every developer you ask, but it mainly comes down to this: “because it’s fun.” Easter eggs are designed to surprise you and make you smile.

That is, if you can find them.

Luckily, because its Easter, and we’re feeling particularly cheery today, we’ve put together a little Easter egg hunt of our own – pointing you to our favourites on the web.

And ode to Google

We couldn’t open this Easter egg hunt without giving a nod towards Google’s many Easter eggs. We’ve a few favourites, which we’ve listed below.

Open Google, search for “do a barrel roll” and prepare to be amazed. And suffer slightly from motion-sickness.

Can you remember what Google looked like in 1998? No? That’s okay. Just search for “Google in 1998” and reminisce about the good, old days.

And finally, search for “blink html” and watch your results blink. You can learn a little more about code too if you fancy.

Talk to Shakespeare

Have you ever thought of using Google Docs as a way to write and share documents? We use it all the time and it’s a great tool. It’s even better when you get to talk to some of history’s greatest too… Just visit the Google Docs Demo and get typing and you’ll see what we mean.

One thing’s for certain. Those guys have got some unusual banter.

Google Docs Easter Egg

Things Meatloaf would do for love

Reason Digital wouldn’t condone betting during work hours, but if you visit the Sky Bet site and click the icon above the Facebook share button on the upper-right-hand-side of the home page, a very dull screen with spreadsheets appears. Or so it seems…

Perhaps not the most effective of covers, but worth it for a giggle.

Though if you were going to gamble your money, we’d suggest your local hospice lottery instead, you’re in with a chance of winning and, really, everybody wins as you’re supporting the hospice and its patients. It’s a no-brainer.


If you’re thinking of starting a newsletter for your organisation, we can definitely recommend MailChimp. Particularly because of the special notice you get from the MailChimp body-guard team if you create an account with a username that already exists.

Talk like a pirate

If you’re managing your organisation’s Facebook pages today, why not try this? Once logged into Facebook, head over to your settings section. Change your language, and choose “English (Pirate)”, and there – you might as well be Cap’n Jack Sparrow. Ooo-arrr.

Facebook in Pirate speak

See – web development isn’t as boring as you might think. And it highlights just what a little piece of code is capable of.

Happy Easter!

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