Now that the air is full of joy and christmas cheer, people are feeling generous and charitable giving is at its highest. With this is mind, we've rounded up some of our favourite Christmas campaigns of 2012.

The lead up to Christmas tends to be when when people are most generous and charitable giving is at its highest. So, following on from last year’s article on the top charitable Christmas campaigns, we’re back again to bring you another snapshot of the best.


Much like last year, Crisis are going all out with their Christmas campaign. Their personalised video e-cards return, but this year they’ve changed tact and now take up less of the spotlight. This time around, instead of celebrities the cards feature actual Crisis members performing classic Christmas songs. The cards are now being marketed more towards corporates as well.

Crisis haven’t forgotten the rest of us though. The site has been sprinkled festive little touches, such as a sprig of holly next to the donate button, that flow well with the design of the site. Crisis also has a comprehensive and detailed list of what they wish to achieve, and how you can help them, over the festive period. This meticulous and open nature inspires trust and encourages people to get involved.


Though Christmas is a time of relaxation and merriment there are often those who indulge in the spirit of Christmas a little too heartily. Each Christmas 10,000 people in the UK seek help for alcohol-related problems. So to try and cut down this number and ensure that people enjoy their drinks of choice a bit more responsibly, this year Drinkaware has launched “Why let good times go bad?”.

The campaign aims to let aspiring film-makers be the ones who deliver the “Why let good times go bad?” message by offering £1,500 worth of vouchers in a competition to see who can make the best video promoting responsible drinking. The video will then be used to promote safe drinking in the UK.

Text Santa

What would Christmas be without Santa, the jolly gift-giving saint who is beloved by all. There are few things that say Christmas quite like the image of old St. Nick. ITV have managed to capitalise on this by combining his classic charitable nature with the ease of modern technology and created (sadly not Mecha-Santa, but instead) the Text Santa campaign.

Much like Red Nose Day or Children in Need, Text Santa is a televised show that encourages viewers to text in donations via JustTextGiving. In its debut year last year the show managed to raised £4 million that was shared between six charities. This year the show is hoped to be bigger and the donations even larger.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

This year Great Ormond Street has teamed up with Barclaycard and Shazam to raise donations and awareness this festive season. The trio have released a television advert that shows off the card and how it can be used to easily donate to the charity, while the music recognition app can be used to scan the music for a chance to win a prize.

Even better, for every prize won Shazam will donate £5 to the hospital. This little layer of interactivity makes the advert an easy and effective way to get people raising donations. The novelty of being able to use the Shazam app on the advert will drive many to Great Ormond Street’s aid.

Mince Pie Calculator 2012

Following on from last year’s success My Living Streets have brought back their winter hit, the Mince Pie Calculator. Much like its previous incarnation the Mince Pie Calculator 2012 encourages people to get walking this Christmas time by showing them how many calories each trip burns off.

All you need to do is enter how many miles, or steps, or even how long you’ve walked for and the calculator will show how many calories you’ve burned off in mince pies. The charming presentation has been increased with this new version with the introduction of a friendly snowman and the chance to win a Kindle Fire.

So there are five Christmas campaigns to get you in the festive mood. Want more? Then check our round up of the best five last year, or drop us an email at

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