Musical entrepreneur and founder of Un-Convention Ruth Daniel is coming to Lunchworks on May 31st to talk about how she grew her idea from its beginnings in Salford to become an international movement.

The next Lunchworks event will be a great opportunity to learn how Un-Convention developed from one idea to a series of hugely popular events around the world.  Ruth’s work has shown how organisations can thrive amidst a recession and is an inspiring story for many not-profits and charities.


Ruth began Un-Convention in 2008 as a community-focused music event exploring the grass roots of the industry and promoting the ethos of working together. Fifty Un-Conventions have taken place in the past five years with events everywhere from Salford to Sao Paolo, Macclesfield to Mumbai.

Her own brand of grassroots empowerment through music and social media has led Un-Convention to lend real support to protest movements from Pussy Riot in Russia, to the ‘Twitter Revolutionaries’ in Egypt.

Recently recognised for her contributions to culture at the Manchester City Council-run International Women’s Day award ceremony. She’s worked with a range of people and organisations from the British Council to Brazilian beat-boxers,  forging ground-breaking international partnerships which have culminated in a range of projects.

Un-Convention aims to involve all the community, with 40% of attendees coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Anyone is welcome to submit an idea for Un-Convention with ideas being put to a vote to see which are the most popular amongst the community. The result is a totally independent and democratic event with the central belief of doing things together.

No stranger to challenging environments, before growing Un-Convention to where it is today, she made massive strides for female visibility in the music industry when she founded Fat Northerner records.

Exploring topics such as the concept of crowdsourcing ideas, how to grow a creative idea and getting people from disadvantaged backgrounds involved with music and the arts, anyone involved in the Third Sector or creative industries is welcome to attend.

If your organisation is also growing in these tough times come along, join the conversation and help inspire others. For more information and to book your place visit

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