It was Whitney Houston who once said: “I believe that children are our future.” And she was right. While we would love to burst into a somewhat shaky rendition of The Greatest Love of All, there’s a point to be made in this post.

This time of year, after Halloween and Bonfire Night and in the run up to Christmas, it’s safe to say that this season is for the kids. There are lots of special memories to be made and lots of smiles to paint on faces. But we’d be naive to think that every child has that picture-perfect life that we see through steamed-up windows on Christmas Day.

And it’s not even about Christmas, it’s about a life. Millions of lives.

Despite running since 1980, there are still so many children in need and tonight, celebrities, fundraisers and donors alike will be clubbing together to break last year’s on-the-night total of £26.8 million.

It’s no easy feat, admittedly, but with a whole host of ways to donate, there’s really no excuse for any of us to chuckle away at Wogan and company, and not part with some pennies.

You can donate online, donate via PayPal, donate via text (which is especially easy), and you can also use the Barclays Ping-it app on your phone to donate and add Gift Aid too – you don’t even need to be a Barclays customer. Or you could download iPudsey (Android or Apple) and donate on the go. You can use any bank’s free-to-use ATM to donate. You can even donate your loose change with any Coinstar machine too.

And, of course, you can call – 0345 7 33 22 33.

Children in Need has a lot of support – financial, social and celebrity – but it’s a cause that is backed-up by some fantastic donation options, creativity and drive.

So whether you are tuning in tonight (on BBC1 at 7:30pm) to watch Wogan do his thing, or whether you plan to follow the evening on Twitter whilst on a night out, pop down the takeaway menu, skip the next round at the pub, or even clean out the coppers in your purse.

Don’t shrug and think that your little bit won’t count. If we all thought that, there would be no such thing as charity.

P.S. If you donate, Pudsey will thank you personally too!

P.P.S. While in the festive spirit, we’ve got a post on Christmas Campaigns coming your way soon too.

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