Apps help to keep people interested in your Facebook page, meaning they stay longer and are more likely to take note of the message you are trying to get across. Much like how you would try and draw in attention through updated photo galleries or newsletters - apps can be just as important.

By creating a Facebook app, charities are able to attract a wider range of potential donors as well as gaining data about people who like their page. Many charities are already using Facebook apps to attract potential donors with games, campaigns and opportunities to get more involved with the organisation.

Rescue Run App - St John Ambulance


Designed for both young and old, the Rescue Run Facebook app was created by St John Ambulance to raise awareness of the organisation. It has you racing against the clock to try and make it to the cinema whilst stopping to help people on your way.

As you move, using your mouse, down roads such as Accident Avenue you’ll soon pick up the basic lifesaving skills! It’s fun app where you can learn the importance of basic first aid.

Re-Write App - Barnardo's

App Barnardos

As Barnardo’s take on the challenge of helping 190,000 children and young people a year they have created an app which shows of a young girl’s life, how it has been filled with abuse and no hope.  You learn the whole story as her life unravels in front of you.

At the end of the chapter you have the chance to re write her story, by dragging the word ‘believe’ replacing it with the word ‘die. Rewriting the second half of her story allows you to see how quickly things can change for the better with a bit of belief.

Plan - Because I Am A Girl

Plan International

Plan International have had a lot of success in the past with their popular ‘Life without a birth certificate’ Facebook app and their latest effort is, once again, worthy of a like.

The app resembles a microsite within a main website but the fact that it is hosted on Facebook allows for the creation of social stories. This means that when a user ‘likes’ the page their friends will be able to see this action and may then click through to the page and may ultimately end up fundraising or donating.

There are embedded videos, fundraising ideas and links to donation methods included in the app meaning that all the most important information from the charity can be found in one place.

Dogs Trust - Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies

Knowing how much people enjoy posting photos of their pets on Facebook, Dogs Trust have found a way to encourage supporters to upload images of their own dogs for the chance to have them featured on a mobile vetinary truck. The truck will be travelling around India for the next three years helping to vaccinate dogs throughout the country.

Before uploading their picture, the Facebook fan has to consent to sharing their details with Dogs Trust meaning that the charity has the benefit of their data whilst the uploader gets the chance to be more involved with the organisation’s newest project.

There are so many more inventive Facebook apps out there. If you have a favourite or would like some help with making your facebook or website more responsive then drop us an email at

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