It can be frustrating for a charity when you have a lot of great information but no way of communicating it. Nobody wants to look through rows and rows of tables of numbers. So, if you’ve got a lot of data, how do you make it interesting? Well, one way is through infographics.

Infographics can be used to make anything look interesting, from the mundane to the insane. Here are five great charity infographics that really grab people’s eyes and interest.

The Good, The Bad(Ass) and the Ugly - Movember

Movember, the month when moustaches are grown to raise awareness and funds to prevent prostate cancer, generates a ton of great data every year. So, when coming up with how to communicate this data, considering how visually appealing moustache growing is, an infographic was clearly the right choice.

Blending together fun facts about moustaches and serious facts about prostate cancer in a seamless and relevant way. By using the eccentric humour that Movember is based on, the Movember infographics manage to be both entertaining and informative.


Halton Housing Trust - Halton Housing

In early 2012 the Welfare Reform Act was passed into law in the UK, changing how the welfare system works and affecting many people’s housing benefits. Understanding how new laws work is always a difficult prospect but when money is involved it becomes important to do so.

To make things easier for its local residents, Halton Housing Trust decided to educate through an animated infographic. The three and a half minute video breaks down the law into more digestible parts, first informing the viewer what the law will change, then going on to explain what this means and how it will affect locals in more practical terms.

Bill Gates is Better than Batman - Frugal Dad

Knowing your audience is crucial to making a great infographic. If you know your audience well you can create an infographic tailored specifically to their needs and tastes. Even better you can come up with a title and style that will be irresistible to them.

This is what Frugal Dad, an American site advising young people on how to pay for College, did with their infographic Bill Gates is Better than Batman. While everyone knows that nothing is better than Batman, the infographic uses its outlandish title to draw people in before presenting them with some impressive and sobering facts about charitable giving. Combined with some excellent visual flourishes these all work together to create an interesting and informative infographic.


Water Changes Everything - Charity: water

This slickly put together animated infographic is lighter on figures than many others, focusing instead on telling a story through it’s minimalist stylings. The beauty of Charity: water’s infographic is it manages to convey fairly complex issues through it’s visuals alone, with little need for words or numbers.

While there is a narration accompanying the visuals, it’s still easy to watch the video without sound and understand perfectly the message that it is trying to convey.

The Facts About Suicide - C.A.L.M.

Sometimes simplicity is the most effective way of grabbing someone’s attention, as demonstrated by C.A.L.M.’s Facts About Suicide infographic. There isn’t too much going on in this infographic, just simple facts stated boldly. Yet the combination of font style, layout and colour scheme make this a visually arresting graphic that demands you to pay attention.

The facts are powerful enough on their own, the presentation just emphasises them even more.


Each of these infographics takes a different approach but all work towards the same purpose, making information more approachable. If you’ve seen any great infographics or would like more information on infographics then get in contact at

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