December is a busy time of year for charities, with donations 5% higher than other months. How are you convincing people to choose to donate to your charity?

Christmas, the season of goodwill, is just around the corner. Shops already have their decorations up, people have started their Christmas shopping and there’s a sense of cheer in the air.

Take a minute and think: Do you have anything special in store to convince people to choose you as the charity they’ll donate to this Christmas?

If not, take a look at these great festive themed campaigns for a bit of inspiration.

Fighting Poverty, One Goat at a Time


When most people think about Christmas related animals, goats rarely make the top of list. However, in 2010 Oxfam teamed up with Pizza Express to try and change that. ‘Archie the goat’ became the mascot of Oxfam’s Christmas campaign, and was plastered across a range of their promotions. Pictures of Archie found their way onto posters, T-shirts and even Christmas crackers, which had suitable goat based jokes inside.

Pizza Express helped out by donating £1 to the charity for every main course bought, and even threw in a free course for the customer. Oxfam returned the favour by giving a £5 Pizza Express voucher to anyone who spent £5 with them. The two companies also set up a festive themed website, complete with a ‘secret santa’ application which attracted 750,000 users to get involved and share the gift of giving.

Give as you Live


As well as charity, there are a couple of other things that Christmas is well known for. One of these, of course, is shopping. In days gone by, the chaos of the high street was something we all dreaded as we tried to find a special something for that special someone. Nowadays however, more and more people are jumping online to get their gifts. £6.8 billion was spent Christmas shopping last year and even more is expected to be spent this time around.

Give as you Live has picked up this trend and is utilising it for good. All you need to do is download the application and get shopping at one of 1,500 retailers that have signed up for the scheme. For anything you buy, the retailer will send Give as you Live a commission that you can donate to any cause you want. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Mince Pie Calculator


Living Streets is a small pedestrian charity that aims to get people up onto their feet and walking about, something that a lot of us tend to neglect over the festive period. Instead, we indulge ourselves with vast quantities of rich food, richer drinks and, most of all, mince pies. Living Streets has responded in turn with a charming little web app, the Mince Pie Calculator. All you have to do is enter how far you’ve walked, and it tells you how many calories you have burned off in terms of mince pies. It even features a robin in a Santa hat – and it doesn’t come much more festive than that.

Christmas Cracker Campaign


Charity Christmas cards have become a staple of modern day Christmas, so it can be difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd. Last year, however, Crisis managed it with an innovative approach. They gathered some of the top comedians in the country, including Alan Carr and Russel Kane, did away with the pens and took to the Internet. Crisis’ e-cards took the form of an online Christmas cracker which, when opened, played an animation of one of the comedians telling their “best” cracker-style joke. The crackers could be customised and emailed to other people, and they were. Over £650,000 and more than one or two smiles were raised from the campaign.

Rage Against the X Factor


What started out in 2009 as a stand against the X Factor’s monopoly of the coveted Christmas number one spot in the UK music charts, turned out to be one of the more successful examples of how one person can be a real fundraising force. After 4 years of X Factor winners claiming the Christmas top spot, Tracy Morter had had enough. She went onto Facebook and created a group urging people to boycott the reality show’s latest single, and instead purchase the expletive laden anti-corporation song “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine.

The campaign was quickly picked up on by disgruntled music lovers and mainstream media alike, which propelled the Facebook group to over 750,000 followers. Tracy Morter seized upon this unexpected media coverage, set up a JustGiving account to raise money for Shelter and urged all those backing the campaign to donate. It was a resounding success, with “Killing in the Name” reaching the top of the charts and raising over £70,000 for Shelter. Rage Against the Machine were so impressed with the campaign that they put on a free concert for UK fans and donated all the proceeds of the single to Shelter, bringing the total to more than £160,000.

Have the above examples inspired you? Just look at what charities or even individual people can achieve, no matter how big or small. Why not consider taking an unusual and adventurous approach to your campaign this Christmas? If you want to talk more about this, feel free to get in touch with us.

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