Charities have come a long way with their digital presence over the past year, but what trends should they be watching out for in 2013? We round up the five trends we think are most likely to become big news in charity digital marketing this year.

With 2013 well underway, we’ve made some predictions about what the year holds for charity digital media and how charitable organisations can stay ahead of the trends.

Real Time Data

With the continued rise of social media, organisations are needing to engage supporters regularly and not just through planned long-term campaigns. Fundraisers will want to know what’s happening within the charity at any given moment and the sharing of real time information will become more and more common. And with this increase in real time data, tracking and analysing this data will also become an important process for organisations. There’s a lot to be learned from supporters’ interactions on social media and this data needs to be collected and handled appropriately and quickly for charity marketers to make the most of it.

Clever use of mobile


Surfers Against Sewage mobile siteLast year we highlighted the shift to mobile giving and this year it’s all about how to make the most of mobile. Whilst there are many great charity apps out there, sometimes organisations would be better having a responsive mobile website to boost their mobile donations. Often a mobile website can provide a clear donation path and can still feature carousels of latest fundraising news, without requiring users to download an app. This year may also see an increase in the demand for very specific mobile sites and apps which aim to provide practical solutions to those who charities support. Mobile isn’t just a platform for gaining donations, technology can be created to help improve the day-to-day lives of those who receive support from a charity.

Responsive design

Responsive donations page

In 2013, donations will continue to be received through a wide variety of formats. Mobile donations are continuing to increase but with the popularity of tablets ever increasing it’s important to ensure your donation process is easy to use on mobiles, tablets and computers. Whilst a beautifully designed website with a clear donation process is great for computer users, it might be that the forms are hard to fill in with tablets or that buttons are too small to be tapped with a finger on a touch screen device. For charities looking to turn more site visitors into donors it is vital that the donation process is easy to follow in all formats as you don’t want site users getting confused and giving up.


Tesla IndieGoGo

IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and PledgeMusic are all set to continue their success this year. When Kickstarter UK launched last year it raised £2 million within its first month. Whilst this figure doesn’t indicate how much was raised for charitable causes, it certainly proves that crowdfunding is a viable way to raise money for a cause and these platforms shouldn’t be ignored by organisations looking for alternative fundraising methods. Last year a non-profit organisation in the US turned to crowdfunding to raise funds to build a Nikola Tesla museum after fifteen years of trying to reach their fundraising target by other means. They combined crowdfunding with matched giving from New York State who agreed to double their $850k target if it was hit. By the time the IndieGoGo project closed, the crowdfunding total had surpassed $1.3 million showing that it’s definitely a platform worth considering for charitable causes in 2013.

Visualising information

Halton Housing Trust Infographic

There have been some big developments with charities using photo sharing websites in the past year. Lots of organisations have created accounts on Instagram and Pinterest and it’s expected that this trend will continue in 2013. Whilst these services both act as great platforms to share images, we predict that infographics will become a more common sight this year as they act as a great way to present information. Infographics combine text and images to present data and facts and they offer information to service users in a clear and concise manner. With real time data being another trend to watch out for, we predict that charities will need ways of presenting this information and Instagram, Pinterest and infographics could all help provide solutions.

If you have any other predictions for charity digital media in 2013 or want some help with your digital presence this year, please comment below or drop us an email at

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