Coming soon - the must-read report on how inclusive and accessible charity digital services have been during Covid and beyond.

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A background on this report

As the Covid-19 landscape challenges the way charities fulfil their social purpose, we want to encourage senior charity leaders to maintain digital momentum, whilst making sure their internal culture, volunteer management and beneficiary engagement is as inclusive and accessible as possible.

But what does the digital world of charities currently look like in regards to accessibility? And how has Covid and the sudden need to embrace digital, impacted that?

We’ve surveyed more than 2000 people representative of the UK, and asked how they have been engaging with charity communications and services during Covid. Are services accessible by more people than ever before? Or are some still being left out due to non-inclusive practices?

This report details some fascinating and must-know information about how the public are seeing and accessing our charities. In addition, we’ve included some incredible insight from charity and accessibility leaders who spoke at our virtual event, Radical Accessibility. Plus, we’ll be making recommendations on how you can take that next step towards an inclusive world that works for everyone.

We hope this report encourages you and your charity to consider how we can learn from the historical events of 2020 and the accessibility implications of the rapid digital transformation that is currently taking place.

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