We've been quoted in a new ebook by communications consultant and nonprofit expert Gayle Thornsen.

“Best practices: Web site design for nonprofits” is a 20-page DIY eBook and guide to get nonprofits started on the process of evaluating their website and measuring results. It’s a helpful resource for any nonprofit developing a new Web site, and it’s full of “the wisdom of online Web site experts” such as this one, from us:

“Everything your Web site does must be about engaging the user… Write about what they’re interested in. If you have Web analytics installed, see which keywords bring people to your site, and which pages people are staying on the longest—these are the themes that are engaging your users. Provide the tools to allow them to work on your organization’s behalf. Encourage them to get involved. Most of all, champion their efforts on your Web site and communicate regularly.”
(Page 19)

Download your free copy of “Best Practices: Nonprofit Web Site Design” or read more useful tips for nonprofits on Gayle Thorsen’s Impactmax blog.


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