For the second year, we've helped the BBC report the impact of their community outreach work by producing an accessible Corporate Responsibility Report.

Once again, we worked with BBC Outreach team, who lead on the BBC’s approach to Corporate Responsibility, to deliver an online-only report which was easy to navigate and accessible to people with disabilities. The BBC Corporate Responsibility Report 2010also works towards the BBC’s commitment to reduce their carbon footprint and efforts to reduce spending by cutting down on printing costs.

The launch of the report was announced on the About the BBC Blog by Alec McGivan, Head of BBC Outreach. He also wrote about the highlights of the past year and the opportunities that lay ahead, including the community impacts of opening a new BBC site at Media City in Salford later this year.The BBC have already met over 3000 local young people, through projects including media training and backstage tours for schools, and hope to meet even more of the community before the building even opens.


Reporting social impact

The BBC’s role as a public service broadcaster is structured around six Public Purposes. All of the BBC’s work aims to fulfil at least one of these purposes. The BBC Outreach website and the corporation’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report reflect these and illustrate how we are fulfilling these roles. The six Public Purposes are:

In 2009 nearly 90% of survey respondents considered it to report on the BBC’s CR work.

The BBC Outreach website is regularly updated with coverage of new projects that are being run throughout the country. The monthly newsletter also highlights new initiatives that offer the BBC’s audiences opportunities to get involved with the corporation.

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