Patrick Cox, founder of Male Cancer Awareness Campaign is one of the most creative charity campaigners around, and he’ll be sharing his top tips for going viral at the next Lunchworks. In celebration, we take a look a look at 5 charity virals to help inspire your cause.

Whether it’s a hard hitting message, an unexpected twist or getting to the bottom of your audiences motivations, get inspired!

1. Rhian Touches Herself

Patrick Cox has managed to create a video that both seduces and educates males. The star of the video, lingerie model Rhian Sugden, helps to take away the stigma of embarrassment attached to male cancers whilst sharing the importance of checking yourself for early signs of testicular cancer.

This bold campaign may seem a little risky to some but has had some undeniably incredible results. It’s become a viral sensation,  helping to inspire others to create their own creative campaigns!

2. Girls Going Wild in Red Light District

Raking up over 1.7 million views this clever video has drawn in the attention of both men and women worldwide.

Starting off as a typical night on the red light district, the woman are, we see 6 women in lit windows with men passing by and mulling around. An unexpected twist takes place as one of the ladies starts to dance and the other 5 follow suit with a routine that Beyonce would be proud of. Before you know it, a crowd forms and a billboard flashes up highlighting the link between dancing, trafficking and sex work.

This creative and intuitive video is a clever way in helping raise the awareness of human trafficking, watch the video for yourself and help share the message of ‘Stop The Traffik’.

3. First World Problems

The Gift of Water have created this viral video called ‘The First World Problems Anthem’ this simple yet powerful video points out that those everyday insignificant problems we face such as ‘I hate when my phone charger doesn’t reach my bed’ aren’t really problems at all. It shows us that we have nothing to complain about when people are facing real and life threatening issues; like not having access to water.

We recoiled when we realised how many of the first world problems we’d uttered! But this just compells you to help even more and gives the video an additional layer. It’s had more than 2 million viewings to date.

4. Monsters

Fragile Childhood shared a compelling message via their viral video ‘Monsters’. The anti-drinking campaign focuses on the real monsters that some children have in their lives – loved ones with alcohol issues. It shows children and their struggle to get through their day, whilst showing why and how they view their parents. It’s heartbreaking yet very affective. The video has gained over two million views so far.

5. Refuge

A campaign called ‘Don’t Cover it Up’ created the video ‘How to look your best the morning after’, to help stop domestic abuse. The video mirrors a traditional YouTube tutorial, that many people make, but this time the make up artist is giving tips on how to hide injuries given by a your partner or loved one.

The popular Vlogger, Lauren Luke, uses her primarily female fan base, who enjoy her make up tip videos, to help raise awareness to help stop the violence.

If you’d like a little help raising awareness of your campaigns via video feel free to drop us a line at Patrick’s Lunchworks event is now booked up, but if you’d like to go on the cancellation list please visit

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