A roundtable of UK Trusts and Foundations is taking place at 10.00 on Wednesday 17th June to explore how funders are tackling or looking to support charities to transition to digital, or make more use of digital to deliver on their work.

We’ll be joined by Matt Haworth, an internationally recognised leader in tech for good, and co-founder of Reason Digital a social enterprise that partners with with The Lloyds Bank Foundation, John Lyons Foundation and others to support charities with similar needs en-masse.

The session will look to discuss how we can respond to short term crisis and build resilience in the sector using tech by exploring:
  • Needs you’ve become aware of as funders amongst charities for digital solutions
  • Do charities need more help with finding support via digital channels, giving support via digital channels, or both?
  • Barriers and challenges organisations are facing in adapting to digital or doing more digitally
  • Interesting solutions or projects you’ve heard about that are worth sharing with others
  • Opportunities for collaboration amongst grantees or funders to address the shared needs of organisations

Join us by signing up on the form below, for an informal bit of peer to peer sharing and support on this increasingly important topic for funders.

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