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We believe in an internet that helps people be all they can be, rather than buy all they can buy. We’re passionate about a web that represents a broader range of human interests. A web that’s built for connection, compassion, care and collaboration.

That’s why our team has spent 12 years working exclusively on creating digital projects that change lives for the better.

For all charities, non-profits, and pro-social organisations, a high quality, impactful website that delivers what you and your users need, is more important now, than ever. The best charity websites are beautiful, inclusive, and reach more people. Raise more money for your cause by improving your fundraising and platforms for donation.

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We’re human centred

People are at the centre of everything we design and build. You may have heard this referred to as ‘human-centred design’ which is just a fancy way of saying that the internet needs to work for a broad range of people on their terms. A website built on a genuine understanding of the people who use it results in a better experience for your beneficiaries, your supporters and you. The best non-profit websites inform their audiences, engage their fundraisers, and offer a seamless donation platform. Choosing a website agency that understands the unique needs of the charity sector will allow your non-profit to meet these goals quickly and efficiently.

We’re outcome driven

Though we typically use WordPress, Drupal and Umbraco, we’re not tied into using a particular technology, meaning that we can recommend one which accurately suits your needs. Whether you already have a CMS in mind, or need some guidance on the best one for your organisation, we’ll make sure it meets your needs. 

When working with you, we draw on our unique experience of working with charities and pro-social organisations to use technology to solve human problems. We work flexibly, tailoring our process based on your needs and circumstances.


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A choice of process

We work with both Agile and waterfall methodologies, and will always recommend the best route to reach objectives.

Waterfall involves more planning upfront and works better when you have a clearer idea of the outcome you want. Agile allows you to learn as you go, building on your foundations and testing to refine early versions of your product. In either cases we prioritise your experience over any processes we use.

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We’re future-facing

We understand that your website is not an end in itself. We’re not proud of what we’ve done until we see the impact it’s had on lives. Whether that’s through donations raised, or people supported – we’ll work with you to define success. 

A leader in building pro-social technology; we know success comes from long term partnerships and we build for longevity. Our passion for strong relationships influence everything we do, from the technology we choose to the way we collaborate with your team and service users.

Our work

We want to give you a taster of the kinds of sites we build with our partners. Each is unique, however these case studies are a good way to learn about what is possible, the process we work to and the outcome and impact generated.

Taking the fight against food poverty online with a website for The Trussell Trust and (almost) every food bank in the UK

Trussell Trust’s local foodbank teams now have the ability to effortlessly create and update multiple local websites.

Read the full case study

The Dementia Revolution: raising money for essential research

We supported an ambitious movement to fight dementia by creating a new website for the Dementia Revolution – a joint campaign from Alzheimer’s Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society for the 2019 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Read the full case study

"Your flexible approach and can-do attitude were essential in enabling us to build the website in tight timescales. The website integrations were robust and provided the seamless supporter experience we hoped for, enabling excellent stewardships. We’ve been very grateful for your energy in bringing the Dementia Revolution to life."

Nina Ziaullah, Dementia Revolution Campaign Manager

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