Social Value & Marketing Executive for IMPACT

Following the completion of his MSc in Digital Marketing Communications, Lee joined the Impact team in 2018 to set a marketing direction for the company, and to apply his research capabilities to further develop the Impact tool, ensuring that our software as a service (SaaS) is client-friendly and accessible.

Lee’s academic career has always been socially-conscious, and his passion for social impact is evidenced in both his BA and MSc dissertations. With the former, Lee discussed the multi-faceted complications endured by Transgender people in terms of political and social injustices, with a heavy focus on the ways in which first wave feminism literature alienates transgender women by using language that is inherently exclusive. With the latter, Lee conducted his research at Reason Digital, addressing the lack of conversations around digital and the third sector by looking at the behaviours and opinions of charities in relation to digital measurement activities.

What’s more, his professional background is value driven. Beyond working with companies such as Apple, who have strong social value initiatives, Lee exercised his digital skills within a non-for-profit radio station in London as Social Media Manager.

To date, Lee continues to apply his fervour, energy and competencies directly into Impact Reporting, in order to communicate all the excellent and socially valuable things that our clients do. Should you adopt our tool, you will work closely with Lee discussing the ways in which you can market your achievements to distinguish your brand, giving you greater differentiation.